Cabot Street Homes

Located in Beverly, MA

Working closely with the Beverly Affordable Housing Coalition, Luna Design Group is designing a Single Room Occupancy development in downtown Beverly. Cabot Street Homes will replace the former Mayflower Motel with a new two-story building containing 31 units, common areas, support space, and provide parking and landscape improvements. This development has been favorably received by the community as it not only provides the much needed affordable rental units, but revitalizes and restores the downtown streetscape by replacing the parking lot and unattractive motel with a well designed, cohesive development.


A Note from Our Satisfied Client

Throughout our planning process, Luna Design Group has been extremely responsive to the Coalition’s wishes for the property.In terms of design, I cannot emphasize enough how pleased the Coalition has been. Their attention to detail and thoughtfulness addressed both the exterior appearance in concert with the surrounding neighborhood.

Mickey Northcutt, Executive Director Beverly Affordable Housing Coalition, Inc.